Prime Wiredtree VPS Concept

May 24, 2013

A week ago I commenced utilizing WiredTree Hosting. The transfer was so much smoother than the uptime at our former host A2 Hosting that I imagine nobody even realized that it was executed. I was to start with very afraid of relocating our site to the new hosting server, for this reason I delayed it for a number of months.

When I at last decided to move, I learned that I was being troubled unnecessarily, because WiredTree's help staff gave such great aid and support.

For more than a year, I was hosted at A2 Hosting. We were not pleased with them in any way as their downtime was below par and the quality of their service team left much to be desired. Despite our dissatisfaction, we kept on with them for two essential reasons: they were inexpensive and we were anxious! A2 Hosting's packages were dirt cheap and they claimed that those plans were unlimited (details afterwards) Monthly we needed only to shell out below $10.

And where the move was involved, despite my being computer-savvy, the idea of the transfer from one hosting server to another made me very uneasy. We also had to shift from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Being unfamiliar with the workings of the server operations, I had the idea that the transfer would time-consuming and be loaded with complex pitfalls. What with managing a full-time law practice, I could not afford to devote much more time managing server operations.

On fee and concern, we would have kept with A2 Hosting, downtime and all. But we just lately got a message that we were making use of way too many information on an unlimited plan. I'm still itching to know how A2 Hosting concluded that we were going over the restriction on their limitless package. Well, the last straw was when A2 informed us we had one week to move.

Somebody introduced me to WiredTree and that's what we decided on.

This analysis is in fact partial meaning that it's founded on my own experience with the company. There may be clients who may not feel the same.

WiredTree is one of the fastest growing enterprises in the U.S. and it's easy to see the reason. I would highly recommend WiredTree to those who require a VPS or a dedicated server. Everything has been going well for me and my online business during the entire two years that I've been with them.

We had to pay about $50 each month for our new host, but what a difference in their service! I was convinced by WiredTrees impressive security and help that we'd taken the right step. In merely a few minutes, I obtained a response for for my support tickets at WiredTree, whilst A2 Hosting took hours to do so. They even verified my order by giving me a phone call. (Real, live individuals answering phones!)

The installation was speedy, and then a support person guided me through copying our former host, transmitting it to our new server, and moving our website names. The entire move was accomplished in below one hour. If you are someone who is not technically-minded, the skill and competence of WiredTree's crew will make it painless for you to make the transfer in almost no time. So we transferred, but you possibly didn't notice. So the opinion is a definite yes for our new host, WiredTree.

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